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Made Men (1999)

Made Men (1999)
Made Men (1999) Made Men (1999) 5.5 / 10 by 3 users
Title:Made Men
Original Title:Made Men
Director:Louis Morneau
Writer: Robert Franke, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Release: 1999-06-11
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 91 min.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

 Production Company:Decade Pictures
 Plot Keyword:on the run, gangster
 Alternative Titles:
  • Justice – Eine Frage der Gerechtigkeit


While working for the mob, Bill "The Mouth" Mannuci, stole $12 million dollars from them and turned over information to the FBI about the man he stole the money from, the mysterious "Skipper". Now 4 of the "Skipper's" men have tracked down Bill to his new home in a small country town. Bill has been warned of this and sends his wife Debra away. Captured by the "Skipper's" men, Bill is forced at gunpoint to take them to the missing $12 million. But as they make their way to the money, Bill escapes and the "Skipper's" men end up chasing him into a backwoods crystal-meth lab, where a gunbattle ensues after on of the "Skipper's" men opens fire. As Bill makes his escape the lab burns to the ground, incurring the wrath of the labs owner, who is owed money by Bill. Soon Bill finds himself being chased by not only the "Skipper's" men, but by the crystal-meth lab owner and his men. And how does the sheriff of the town fit into the equation?
Bill Manucci

Characters : Bill Manucci

Actor : Jim Belushi


Characters : Miles

Actor : Michael Beach

Sheriff Dex Drier

Characters : Sheriff Dex Drier

Actor : Timothy Dalton


Characters : Kyle

Actor : Steve Railsback


Characters : Felix

Actor : Carlton Wilborn


Characters : Debra

Actor : Vanessa Angel


Characters : Royce

Actor : Jamie Harris


Characters : Nick

Actor : David O'Donnell

Deputy Conley

Characters : Deputy Conley

Actor : Tim Kelleher


Characters : Bobby

Actor : Skip Carlson


Characters : Darla

Actor : Susan Isaacs

Old Timer

Characters : Old Timer

Actor : Oscar Rowland


Characters : Nathan

Actor : Chad Lillywhite


Characters : Caleb

Actor : Don Shanks


Characters : Frances

Actor : Cissy Wellman

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